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I designed a New York City poster! It comes in two styles — a Grid Poster Design and an Overlap Poster Design. Each design is 18×24. The posters feature 88 NYC graphics (all designed individually by me!) — a selection I felt could resonate with people of all different backgrounds and experiences with the city.

This project is special to me because 1) it's the most labor-intensive project I have EVER worked on, by far, 2) it was the first project I had to work with a vendor to print, 3) it was the first project I produced in bulk (I got 200 of each style poster printed) and 4) it was the first project/product I ever legitimately tried to sell! These posters (particularly the grid style) are also my best-selling items on Etsy!

I really hope that this poster captures NYC in some way, and brings joy to those who have it in their homes! To those who like these posters and graphics, I have a few other NYC posters that I'll be posting on my site soon as well! Enjoy!!

Grid Poster Design (Photo & Illustration)

Overlap Poster Design (Photo & Illustration)

Individual Graphics (all original)!

Below I'm posting all of the individual graphics I designed for the poster! I actually named all of these (which was useful for non-obvious graphics) but didn't include the names here -- might add them in the future! Let me know if you're not sure what a particular graphic represents or means -- I would be happy to share! I <3 NY!

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