Little Princess Shoes

One of my favorite childhood movies is "A Little Princess." One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Sara, a wealthy aristocrat in Miss Minchin's boarding school, gives Becky, the school's maid, a pair of amazing yellow shoes with fur after seeing Becky icing her feet. Me and my sister Rachel have been obsessed with these yellow shoes since we were kids. I send my sister a picture every time I see shoes that remind me of THE yellow shoes (without any context) and she'll know exactly what I'm referencing. Like, we're actually obsessed.

Anyways...last year, when I first got into sewing, I was at the fabric store when I walked past the fur trim section and inspiration struck! It dawned on me that I could probably make my own yellow princess shoes pretty easily if I just found yellow flats or loafers and fur trim to sew on. And now, here we are.

I absolutely love how these shoes came out. I don't think they look like a craft project -- I feel like I could see these walking down the runway! I used yellow velvet flats from Funny She Jill (great quality, but unfortunately no longer available) and genuine rabbit fur from Mood Fabrics NYC. Mood has so many fun fur trims (available in every color of the rainbow), so I really want to make another custom pair of shoes with fur soon. Stay tuned on the blog and you just might see some!

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