Fruits Bags 2.0

If you've ever browsed my work before, you probably know that I have a THING for fruits patterns (see here, here, AND here for evidence). So last weekend, when I was walking through Astoria and spotted a fruit pattern on a clear plasticy material outside a dollar store, you know I had to stop by and take a look. Turns out this material can be used for pretty much whatever you want (seems like it could be a good tablecloth?) but I decided to use it to make a trendy clear tote bag. I feel like this bag (or a future iteration of it with longer handles) will be great for groceries once NYC bans plastic bags.

This bag was actually really easy to create, especially since I didn't have to worry about making a lining or anything. AND, surprisingly, this material was super easy to work with -- I was able to sew it with my usual machine without any issues at all. I absolutely LOVE how this bag came out and may make some more to post on my Etsy shop...what do you think? Fruit patterns just make everything look cool.

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