Favorite Valentine's Cake!

OMG I think I may have outdone myself! This is arguably the MOST PERFECT cake I have ever made!! Here is some background: I was feeling kind of meh around the holidays, and hadn't been working on any creative projects. Then, over the last couple of weeks, I noticed people start posting Valentine's Day crafts and cakes to Instagram, and got totally inspired. I got an idea for a cake covered in rainbow hearts (kinda like these cards I sell on Etsy) over the weekend, and here we are today.

Though this cakes probably looks like it must have been super tedious to make, it actually came along really smoothly. I frosted the cake with Wilton decorating icing in white, then made the hearts out of fondant. I had leftover hearts after decorating the cake, so I decided I had to make some sugar cookies as accessories :) OH! And I almost forgot to mention, I threw rainbow sprinkles into the white cake batter to add to the colorful theme. You can see the inside of the cake in the pictures towards the bottom.

You'll notice that this cake is SUPER similar to a white, red, and pink cake I made a few months back -- you can see it here. Though they are really similar, I think this cake came out way more perfect (since it was my second time around!) and gives a totally different vibe just with the colors. Man, I love anything covered in little hearts <3

Hopefully more Valentine's Day cakes to come in the next few weeks -- I have many ideas I'd love to see come to life, and plenty of hungry coworkers to share these with!

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