Hand Drawn Projects

Below are a few projects I drew by hand before I brought them into Adobe Illustrator to be colored. Enjoy!

Line Design: The Wave

One day I decided to draw some line designs inspired by the rock lines at Antelope Canyon. Here's what I came up with! Didn't use this project for anything, but I like how it came out, and think these could be art prints if blown up and printed, like the mockup!

Custom Lettering: "Anyone Can Cook"

I made this "Anyone Can Cook" illustration for a TedxNavesink article on Impostor Syndrome. I was inspired by old signage lettering. This took so long to draw many iterations!

Custom Lettering: Student Business Cards

I made these fun business cards for a student and did the custom lettering myself. I was inspired by those 90s turquoise and purple Solo cups. Love these! Don't have photographs so just posting the illustrations. These also look great in other colors too!

Custom Lettering: Children's Stationery

Lastly, using a style similar to the custom letter design above, I made this stationery for a little girl. So cute!

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