Lucky Charmzz Cards!!

Last year, I designed and made a set of these cards for a friend who was moving away for good luck! These cards would also be great for St. Patty's day! As is pretty obvious, I was inspired by Lucky Charms on this design, and more specifically, these lucky charms jeans I had from the Gap when I was little. I can't find a pic of these "lucky charms jeans" I had anywhere online, but I swear I had a pair of jeans with little patches of a horseshoe, heart, etc. on one of the front and back pockets. They were really cute (the patches were pretty similar to the icons I made on the cards) and I really wish I kept them as a sentimental item.

Anyways, hope you love these cards as much as I love them! I will be adding them to my Etsy shop later this week!

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