DIY Customized Jumpsuit

I love having things in my wardrobe that are super easy to throw on, but also look really cool and spunky. For this reason, I absolutely love overalls and jumpsuits of all kinds... don't require too much thought, but always look cool. I bought an army green flight jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters last year, and while I liked it, to me, it felt like it needed an extra touch. Just a few weeks ago, I brought my jumpsuit to a local embroidery spot and got my name added in cursive above the left pocket. I LOVE how it came out... such a fun added touch. Customizing your clothes, whether through embroidery, patches, rhinestones, or something else, is so easy but makes a big difference. I'm about to bedazzle a denim jacket and can't wait to share that with you too! Enjoy!!

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