Rose Flats

Like my Little Princess Shoes, these custom flats are so easy to make that I'm not even going to be doing a proper DIY for them! For these shoes, I was inspired by the flat version of these D&G floral pumps (soooo cute!).

I got the base white flats from Amazon (here) and the floral beaded trim from M&J trimming (exact one here!). I didn't even use a full yard of trim for this project -- if I remember correctly it was slightly under one yard total. I bought an extra yard of the trim though because I loved it so much (pics on M&J's website don't do it justice) and I was paranoid that it would go out of stock and I'd want it for another project. (Side note: I literally get paranoid that I'm going to run out of stuff ALL THE TIME and have stock of, cleaning supplies, crafts, paper towels, my apartment lol).

Anyways, to make these custom shoes, I simply just positioned the trim along the front, side, and back of the shoes in a way that I thought looked good, and hot glued it down to secure it. I made sure the trim positioning on each shoes mirrored for symmetry.

I think these shoes came out GREAT, though I'll admit they're a little more crafty looking than my Little Princess shoes. But I will totally rock these with a midi slip skirt and a lavender sweater this fall (I have a look in my head already) and it will be FAB!

Hope you enjoyed this project and it inspires you to make your own custom, fabulous shoes!

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