Handmade 1960s Nightgown & Bed Jacket!

Of all the projects I've ever done, this may be the one I'm most proud of – I sewed my sister a nightgown and bed jacket using an authentic pattern from the 1960s for her wedding! My sister had a silky dress when she was little that was a light green color, so she requested that color for the fabric...I absolutely love light green on vintage or vintage-inspired pieces. No idea why – I just think it looks really nice and nostalgic for some reason.

I bought the pattern on Etsy, and it's actually still available! Since making this nightgown, I've become really interested in vintage sewing patterns. I hit the jackpot because just when I developed this interest, my aunt found a huge bag of my grandmother's old sewing patterns. I can't wait to sew some of these patterns, and will be posting any creations I make on the site!

My sister wore the nightgown and bed jacket while getting ready for her wedding, and the wedding photographer, Popography, captured some beautiful photos of her in it, shown below. Hope you enjoy!!

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