DIY "Jackie O" Look

Today I will be sharing a super easy DIY inspired by a global fashion icon -- Jackie O! My look is inspired by Jackie's post-White House styles -- I'm talking bright colors, kerchiefs, sunglasses, and overall fabulousness.

DIY Materials

  • Colorful patterned midi or maxi dress -- I got a Lily Pulitzer wrap maxi dress from eBay!
  • Fabric scissors, thread, sewing machine
  • Optional to make you look extra Jackie: large, fabulous sunglasses

DIY Instructions

  • It's important to get a midi or maxi dress for this DIY, because the first steps is to hem it! I actually got my dress hemmed professionally before I knew how to sew, but I asked the tailor to save me the extra fabric in case I wanted to use it for something in the future. If you hem it yourself, also be sure to save the extra fabric.
  • Next, use the extra fabric to make a wide headband or kerchief. I honestly can't write super detailed instructions for this part, because I just kind of winged this headband. I cut my extra fabric into a long rectangle, ~8 inches wide, folded it in half, folded over the edge, and sewed down both sides. Then I folded in the ends and sewed those down too so all the edges looked clean. I went back and forth between making a rectangular headband or triangle headband (i.e. kerchief) but ultimately ended up going rectangular because I thought I'd wear it more (idk if I can pull off a kerchief in public right now, but I do think they'll come back in style soon...more on that in another post?)
  • Once you have your matching headband or kerchief completed, throw it on with the dress, a pair of large, dark sunglasses, and if you're like me, a pair of chunky gold hoops, and you're good to go! You'll look and feel ready to board on boat on an Italian Riviera.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY!! When you look good, you feel good!

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