Old Branding

My branding has gone through a few different iterations over the years, and I wanted to share those iterations with you. Hope you enjoy!

First Branding: My Helvetica Phase

My very first design website and business cards had Helvetica everywhere! I grew out of the Helvetica phase, but I do still really like the patterns and color schemes of these business cards!

First Business Cards:

Second Branding: My Rebel Phase

After my Helvetica phase came my "rebel" phase, where I wanted to break out of ordinary style of bright colors, simple 2D designs, and general perfectionism. The below business cards demonstrate my rebel phase perfectly. I kind of still love these even though they're not my typical style and I look like a burglar in them.

Second Iteration Business Cards:

Third Branding: Somewhat More Legit

My third, and final, branding before my current one is the most polished and similar to my current branding (in my opinion). I actually got these business cards professionally printed and do think my old logo was cool!

Third Iteration Business Cards (with logo):

What do you think of the evolution?! We've certainly come a long way, but I feel like the current look is here to stay for a while! Sarah

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