Valentine's Day Cards

I absolutely hate the winter, but hey, at least we have Valentine's Day to look forward to, right?! To be honest, I've never made a big deal about going out for Valentine's Day, but I DO love the aesthetic, so I've always enjoyed making crafts and treats related to it.

Today I'm posting some little Valentine's Day cards I made that are inspired by the 1980s, conversation heart candies, and Lisa Frank. These cards seem really nostalgic to me not only because of the overall vibe, but also because I chose to use the font "Balloon" for the text...I distinctly remember that this font was one of the few fonts available in this card and banner generator program my family had on our computer in the 1990s. I forget the name of the program but I feel like it was really popular. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about??

Anyways, if you do like these cards, they are available here on my Etsy shop in sets of 10. Now, I'm off to make some Valentine's Day themed cakes...check back on the blog for those later this week!! :)

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